Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Speech from the Throne

The government gave its Throne Speech on 2/13/08. Highlights on the transportation and sustainability side include:
  • The LiveSmart BC program, a rewards program of sorts for people to take an active part in making our environment a better place. The program will also try to "contain urban sprawl and reward development that creates more affordable housing, new green spaces and more people-friendly neighbourhoods."
  • The Province will pursue a goal of zero net deforestation
  • Forests for Tomorrow program to help plants lots of trees everywhere
These plans sound really good, and I hope the government goes though with these programs.

Funny enough, the government is still selling the Gateway Program as a environmentally friendly program. "
The new Port Mann Bridge will also restore public transit across that corridor for the first time in 20 years. " Even though the Feds say its not good for the environment, and buses could be running on the Port Mann today.

The whole speech can be downloaded from their website.

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