Langley City Solutions Tracker 2.0

During the fall 2018 election, I promised to work on solutions to increase safety, improve health, and create prosperity for people and businesses in our community.

Over the course of my second term on council, I will track the progress towards, and in some cases, what is blocking progress towards implementing these solutions. I have categorized these solutions into seven broad categories.

Partnering to Tackle Homelessness and Affordable Housing

Solution: Lobby the provincial government to increase funding for the ICM Team who connects people who are homeless with stable housing, and health & social services
Status: Letters has been sent and meetings held with the provincial government requesting more resources for the ICM team and housing for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Solution: Investigate rental-only zoning along the Fraser Highway corridor to support affordable housing near high-quality transit
Status: Being considered as part of the updated Official Community Plan.

Solution: Building a supportive housing facility in Langley City to get people off the street.
Status: Not Started.

Solution: Create an affordable housing policy, and update zoning to support increasing the number of affordable housing units in our community
Status: Being incorporated into updated Official Community Plan.

Solution: Support increasing the number of independent living units for low-income seniors in the area around the Langley Mall
Status: Redevelopment of the current 518-unit Langley Lions Housing complex into a 981-unit, seniors-focused complex in progress.

Working Towards a Safer Langley City

Solution: Continue to improve lighting in our parks, streets, and walkways
Status: LED lighting replacement program to be completed in 2020.

Solution: Investigate gradually moving the Bylaw Enforcement department to a 24/7, 365 model
Status: Approved a new bylaw enforcement officer position in 2019.

Solution: Support projects that bring more eyes and ears onto the street
Status: Being incorporated into updated Official Community Plan.

Solution: Increase bike patrols with the RCMP and Bylaw Department
Status: Completed.

Solution: Increase the number of positive activities in our parks
Status: During COVID-19, picnic in park music program and pop-up play events occurring throughout parks.

Solution: Work towards increasing fire prevention and suppression services in our community
Status: Hired three additional firefighters.

Building a Walkable Langley City

Solution: Continue to implement safer crosswalks including across 208 Street to provide safe school access, and across 200 Street near Penzer Park
Status: Funding to determine the feasibility of installing a crosswalk across 208 Street near 45A Avenue.

Solution: Work towards implementing a Grade Crescent Greenway
Status: Public consultation and planning moving forward. Interim upgrades to path along Grade Crescent Completed. Funding for paving walkway between 48 and Grade Crescent, and enhanced crosswalk at 201A Street.

Solution: Work towards implementing a Michaud Crescent Greenway
Status: Public consultation and planning moving forward.

Solution: Support an Old Yale Road Walking Corridor
Status: Not Started.

Solution: Increase the amount of sidewalks in our community
Status: Duncan Way area sidewalk construction completed. 206 St sidewalk between 44 Ave and 44A Ave completed.

Solution: Implement traffic calming where requested
Status: On-going. Traffic calming near all schools and most parks. New traffic calming petition process approved in 2020.

Solution: Implement a trail bridge in the Brydon Crescent area
Status: Will be completed as part of Brydon Crescent redevelopment.

Creating a Vibrant Downtown Langley

Solution: Implement Fraser Highway One-Way project to enhance the public realm and walkability
Status: Plan completed. Waiting for funding.

Solution: Invest in more evening and winter programming
Status: Paused due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Solution: Support the construction of a performing arts centre
Status: In the new 2-year strategic plan.

Solution: Support the construction of a shared parking facility
Status: $291,728 in off-street parking fund as of the end of 2019.

Solution: Create safe and inviting laneways in Downtown
Status: New street lights installed in Fuller Lane. Murals installed in Fuller Lane and Salt Lane.

Solution: Complete the protected cycling network in Downtown
Status: Glover Road and 208th Street Causeway cycling projects moving forward.

Improving Parks and Increasing Green Space

Solution: Increase and enhance our urban tree canopy
Status: Funding increased by $100,500 to enhance public tree maintenance in our community. Urban Forest Management Strategy in the new 2-year strategic plan.

Solution: Support funding to enhance our parks and park programming
Status: Parks maintenance increased by $45,000 and Recreation Office Supervisor position created in 2019. Playground maintenance increased by $20,000 in 2020. Mowing and trails maintenance increased by $50,000 in 2020.

Solution: Improve lighting and dog off-leash area, including more benches, in Linwood Park
Status: Not Started.

Solution: Improve washroom facilities in parks
Status: Nicholas Park Washroom will be rebuilt. Rotary Centennial park washroom reopened. Douglas Park and Linwood Park washrooms renovation planned in 2020.

Solution: Implement recommendations of the Brydon Lagoon task force
Status: Implemented floating islands to promote resting/nesting areas for birds. Improved culvert between lagoon and floodplain. Covered the concrete overflow structure on the southwestern corner. Diversified Lagoon shoreline. Developed viewing platform.

Solution: Partner with Fraser Health to reduce the number of needles in our parks
Status: Reached out to Fraser Health and its partner organization who provides a program that collects inappropriately discarded needles. Passed a motion to pilot needle disposal bins in select locations.

Investing in Basic Infrastructure and Upkeep

Solution: Expand asset management program
Status: Physical assets such as city-owned roads, underground utilities, playground equipment, signs, and buildings are starting to be entered into asset management system. Next phase of asset management plan to start in 2021.

Solution: Increase funding into the Infrastructure Levy to ensure that basic infrastructure is renewed in a timely fashion
Status: Contributing a budgeted $954,450 per year.

Maintaining Langley City’s Sense of Community and Character

Solution: Work toward increasing community engagement and meaningful public consultation
Status: Neighbourhood meetings will continue (paused due to COVID-19.) Public consultation occurring for several key documents such as the Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw and major corridors plan. Gap between public hearing and third reading of a bylaw to allow time to consider feedback from public. Online public hearings are now occurring.

Solution: Support programs that encourage neighbours to get to know one another
Status: Know Your Neighborhood Door-to-Door Campaign launched via Crime Prevention Task Group. Grants available for neighbourhood-led events via community grants.

Solution: Update Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw
Status: Expected to be presented for council approval in late 2020/early 2021.

You can still read the original solutions tracker from my first term on council.

Last Updates: June 17, 2021

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