Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Langley Advance: More transit sought from funds

The Langley Advance ran a great piece about the $408 million Translink slush fund today. Yours truly even had a sound bite.
Meanwhile, south Fraser transit advocate Nathan Pachal said that the money in the fund appears to be enough to set up an entire light rail system serving Surrey and Langley.

"Of course, we think that would be great to invest in the Interurban, or at least for studying it," Pachal said.

A TransLink study found that rebuilding the Interurban, using mainly the existing tracks between Surrey's SkyTrain Line and Langley City, would cost between $356 million and $697 million depending on what type of engines and cars are used.

Other reports showed an even lower cost for building a simple tram system from Surrey's Scott Road SkyTrain station as far as 264th Street in Surrey, Pachal said.

Please read the whole article at the Advance’s website.

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