Sunday, April 27, 2008

Canadian Transit Facts for Your Sunday Read

60% Of Canadians say there is not enough support for their community's transit infrastructure.*

73% believe that the federal government is not doing enough to support local transit infrastructure across the country.*

66% Don't feel all three orders of government are working together for a long-term solution to transit infrastructure needs.*

79% Want the federal government to do more than give tax credits to individual commuters.*

1.7 billion trips on public transit annually in Canada.**

95% Of urban residents have transit service and 61% of all other Canadians have access.**

Average cost of one person-kilometre of travel in Canada:

By automobile = $0.50
By public transit = $0.12 **

Public transit consumes 3 times less energy per passenger-kilometre than the automobile.**

Congestion in urban areas costs Canadian between $2.3-3.7 billion per year.

1 bus = 40-50 automobiles
1 rail line = 15 lanes of traffic

No urban transit = 150 more transport fatalities each year.

No urban transit = $1.1 billion more in health care costs annually.


* Ipsos Reid survey conducted on behalf of the Canadian Urban Transit Association
** UITP Millennium Cities Database of Sustainable Transport

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