Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking News! BC Government Rechooses Northwest Alignment for Evergreen Line

As I blogged about earlier, the BC government tried to get the Evergreen line rerouted from the already chosen northwest alignment to a southern alignment. The southern alignment would have allowed the government to sell off and develop the Riverview Hospital site. Of course, this created a huge ruckus from the Northeast mayors.
“We certainly heard loud and clear from the very communities which the Evergreen Line is meant to serve,” said Parker. “The northwest corridor has not only technical advantages, but also widespread public and local government support. We now need to roll up our sleeves and get the project built.”

“Now that we have decided on routing and technology for the Evergreen Line, we can proceed with project development and engineering to keep on track for planned 2014 completion,” said Falcon. “This important stage will include detailed procurement analysis and further environmental assessment work, including broad public consultation.”
It also looks like we are getting SkyTrain. I still don't understand why SkyTrain is such a popular thing out here; It has one of the least bang-for-the-buck of any transit technology.

Anyway, you can read the whole release at the government's website.

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