Monday, April 21, 2008

Paul Cordeiro tells a whopper of a tale

Well, I can’t believe some of the things I heard at tonight’s meeting of Township council. Paul Cordeiro, a staffer at the Township of Langley, gave the usual nonsense about why the Interurban is not viable. Again, the smart people on council saw through it. I’ll post more tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with some new un-facts I learned. :-)

-SkyTrain costs as much as light rail.

-If we did a ridership study of the Interurban line today, it would be out of date because Translink is doing a new trip survey in 2009.

-The Interurban basically only goes through farmland.

-Passenger trains and freight trains would create almost hour long delays for each hour they run during the day.

Anyway, we are getting the audio from the presentation to have a more in-depth analysis of the presentation and should have a post up in the next week or so.

Tomorrow: Smart comments from the smart township councilors. (And I really do mean smart.)

PS: Interurban + 200th Streetcar = very good idea!
PPS: I heard that a motion to do a ridership study for the Interurban corridor will be put forth on May 5th. Stay Tuned!

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Grumpy said...

I guess the silly Langley staffer has never read a book on the subject and talked to TransLink!

In Spain they are building LRT for about CAD $6 million/km.! Average cost of LRT ranges from $15 million/km. to $30 million/km., depending on the amount of engineering that needs to be done!

SkyTrain now costs a minimum of $100 million/km.

Here are some Utube vids of what the interurban could look like...

Of course, they can do in Germany what is said to be impossible in Canada...

It so sad that ignorance about modern LRT by bureaucrats.