Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June 24 Council Meeting: Development continues along Brydon Crescent and near Linwood Park

On June 24th, there was a Langley City council meeting. I posted about police expenditures and camping in city parks which were covered at that meeting last Tuesday. Normally, I would post fully about council meetings in the week that they occur, but these posts were preempted due to the Nicomekl River District workshop and open house.

As I posted about previously, Langley City’s 2018 Annual Report is available online. As part of the formal adoption process of the annual report, members of the public can provide feedback about the report at a council meeting or in writing. Those opportunities were made available; no one took advantage of those opportunities. Langley City council approved the 2018 Annual Report.

Council also gave third reading to a re-zoning bylaw which would accommodate a five-storey, 115-unit apartment building located along Brydon Crescent. You can read more about this proposed project in a previous post.

Council gave final reading to a re-zoning bylaw, and issued a development permit, to allow for the construction of a three-story, 30-unit townhouse project also along Brydon Crescent. The re-zoning bylaw was given third reading back in June 2018. Sometimes there can be delays between when a re-zoning bylaw receives third reading and when it is finally adopted. These delays can be caused for various reasons. For example, the re-zoning proponent may have been waiting to secure funding to build the project, or revisions needed to be made to the project to ensure that all city requirements have been met.

Location of properties proposed to be re-zoned. 20209, 20219, 20225, 20237 53A Avenue. Select map to enlarge.

Rendering of apartment being proposed for 20209, 20219, 20225, 20237 53A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Council also gave first and second reading for a re-zoning bylaw that would accommodate a five-storey, 69-unit apartment building located at 20209, 20219, 20225, & 20237 53A Avenue. This allows for a public hearing on the matter at the July 8th council meeting.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about the remaining items covered at last Monday’s council meeting.

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