Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 11, 2018 Council Meeting Notes: Lane closures, Douglas Crescent renewal, and a rezoning application

Last night’s council meeting had a significant number of housekeeping items that were addressed, as well as a public hearing for a rezoning application to accommodate a 30-unit townhouse development along Brydon Crescent.

Render of a proposed townhouse project at 5454, 5464, 5474, 5484, 5490 Brydon Crescent. Select image to enlarge.

The proposed townhouse development for the site will have electric vehicle charging, and the units fronting Brydon Crescent will have double garages. I know that people prefer double-wide garages over tandem-parking garages, so it was good to see a significant number of units with the preferred garage configuration.

No members of the public spoke at the public hearing about the rezoning application. As the proposed rezoning was consistent with our Official Community Plan, council gave third reading for the rezoning application.

Access to apartment and townhouse complexes for vehicles should be provided from a lane as a matter of good urban design. In Langley City, there is an extensive lane network north of the Nicomekl River. Whenever possible, access to new buildings is provided via this lane network.

The City has been “closing” several lanes over the last little while. At last night’s meeting, three separate lanes were going through this process. These sections of lanes have never been used, so the ability to provide access to buildings via lanes will not be compromised.

A map highlighting the proposed lane closure located near 55A Avenue and 196 Street. Select map to enlarge.

A map highlighting the proposed lane closure located near 5423, 19900, 19910, 19920, and 19930 Brydon Crescent. Select map to enlarge.

A map highlighting the lane closure located adjacent to 204 Street and Park Avenue. Select map to enlarge.

Council gave final reading to close a section of lane near 204 Street and Park Avenue. Council also gave first, second, and third reading to bylaws to remove sections of lane near Brydon Crescent, and 55A Avenue near 196 Street that were never used. Councillor Albrecht noted that pedestrian access should be provided between Brydon Crescent and the Hydro ROW trail in the area; this is an idea that I support.

Council also approved issuing a contract to Targa Contracting for $2.3 million to upgrade Douglas Crescent between 206 Street and 208 Street. The upgrade will include new water and sewer lines, more streetlights, and a new road surface.

Tomorrow, I will post about the other items that were addressed at last night’s council meeting.

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