Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Proposed traffic calming solutions for Grade Crescent near HD Stafford Middle School

As I posted about earlier, Langley City is implementing traffic calming solutions throughout our community. One areas slated for traffic calming is around HD Stafford Middle School. Similar to Michaud Crescent, this street has been a speedway where people driving regularly exceed the speed limit. Also similar to Michaud Crescent, Grade Crescent will be getting a more permanent upgrade in the coming years pending future budget approval. In the meantime, temporary traffic calming solutions are being proposed.

On May 31, Langley City held an open house to get feedback on the proposed interim traffic calming solutions as shown in the following bird’s eye view.

View of proposed traffic calming solutions around HD Stafford Middle School on Grade Crescent. Select image to enlarge.

Two speed tables are being proposed for the section of Grade Crescent west of the school. A speed table is also being proposed near 205 Street on Grade, and a raised crosswalk at 204A Street on Grade. Flexible delineators are being proposed to narrow the intersection at 204A Street and Grade Crescent, making people who use the crosswalk more visible to people driving, while also reducing the amount of time people are exposed to motor vehicle traffic.

The City is seeking feedback on the proposed traffic calming package until June 11. You can find the feedback form and contact information for this project on Langley City’s website.

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