Thursday, June 14, 2018

What’s with the grey curb paint? A quick primer

Over the last little while, I’ve had a few inquires about the grey paint that has been showing up on curbs around our community. Today’s post will explain what's going on.

An example of a curb with grey paint. Select image to enlarge. 

Another example of grey paint on a curb. Select image to enlarge.

Up until 2008, Langley City used to put yellow paint on curbs to mark areas where parking was not permitted. The City also used signs to mark no parking and no stopping areas.

Painting curbs does have a cost (around $3,000 per kilometre.) If a no parking area needs to be removed, there is also a removal cost, plus excesses wear on the curb due to the removal process. Signs are more cost effective to install, and easier to move as regulations change.

Langley City council decided in 2008 that it would stop marking no parking areas by putting yellow paint on curbs, opting to exclusively rely on signs. The yellow paint was allowed to wear. Just before I was elected, council decided to reinstate painting yellow curbs in Downtown Langley.

To remove confusion in the rest of the community about yellow curbs, the City investigated various ways to remove the curb paint. Because the old yellow paint contains lead, it is costly to remove as both the environment and people need to be protected during the whole removal process. As a cost-saving experiment, the City has painted grey over some yellow curbs.

While the grey paint is noticeable today, the hope is that it will fade over time, blending in with the curb while still masking the yellow.

You should always follow posted regulation signs. If the posted sign differs from the curb marking, follow the sign. Grey paint does not have any regulatory meaning.


Anonymous said...

So the grey paint in front of a fire hydrant means one can park there & block access to emergency response vehicles??? This doesn't make sense!

Nathan Pachal said...

You can’t park in front of a fire hydrant period. Yellow paint or signage isn’t required.

Leslie said...

This has created a seriously dangerous situation at 5419 201A Street. The 'greyed-out' curbs have made exiting this building (as there are cars parked on both sides of the road and on both sides of this buildings entry/exit dangerous. Accidents and near-misses are now a weekly occurance as residents must pull out into traffic to see past the cars now parked where they were previously ticketed for parking (6meters back from the entrance/exit). This is made exceptionally more dangerous as we are between Linwood Park and Nichomackle Elementary School.

Nathan Pachal said...

Can you send me an email to That way I can make sure City staff can get back to you.