Monday, June 11, 2018

Community Shuttle routes in Langley being renamed

TransLink adds, modifies, and/or removes bus routes four times per year. The next scheduled change will occur on June 25, 2018. Since phase one and two of the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation is fully funding, delivering a 16% increase in bus service hours, there will be an increasing number of changes being made to our region’s bus network over the coming years.

Bus stop in Langley City with temporary signage. Select image to enlarge.

While no new bus service hours are being added in Langley this time around, three community shuttle routes are being renamed as follows:

C62 renamed to 562 Langely Centre/Walnut Grove

C63 renamed to 563 Langley Centre/Fernridge

C64 renamed to 564 Langley Centre/Willowbrook

The C60 and C61 routes are being replaced with a new 560/561 route. The new route will operate the same as the old routes except that the destination signs will change. According to TransLink “customers can remain on the bus when the route number changes at 208th and 48th Ave.”

New 560/561 bus route map. Select map to enlarge.

A list of bus service changes for the whole region can be viewed on the TransLink website.

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