Monday, May 14, 2018

Maps and list of most Langley City infrastructure projects in progress

Last week, I posted about infrastructure projects that are under construction, will begin construction, or are in the design phase this year. In the post, there was a picture of the project map from a poster that was at the Douglas Neighbourhood Meeting.

Langley City has now posted higher-resolution maps that show many of the projects in our community that are in progress. These maps don’t contain city-wide projects such as replacing all streetlights will LED streetlights.

Alice Brown and Uplands Neighbourhood Projects. Select map to download

Simonds and Blacklock Neighbourhood Projects. Select map to download.

Nicomekl and Douglas Neighbourhood Projects. Select map to download.

Here is the complete list of projects on the maps:

  • Watermain Replacement 197A St, South of 46 Avenue
  • Hunter Park Renovation
  • Penzer Park, New Parking Lot
  • Penzer Park, New Washroom
  • New 46A Ave Sidewalk
  • Grade Crescent Corridor Planning
  • H.D. Stafford Traffic Calming
  • 48 Avenue Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Reservoir SCADA System Upgrade
  • Muckle Creek Culvert Replacement at 48 Avenue and at 50 Avenue
  • New Traffic Signal at 50 Avenue and 200 Street
  • Booster Pump Station Removal at Grade Crescent at 200 Street
  • Nicomekl Floodplain Pedestrian Bridge Replacement near 201A Street, and near 203 Street
  • City Park, Spray Park and Playground Upgrades
  • City Park, New Walking Path, Passive Play Area, and Off-Leash Dog Area
  • City Park, Retaining Wall Replacement
  • City Park, South Field Renovation
  • Enhanced Crosswalk at 50A Avenue at 208 Street
  • Nicholas Park, Spray Park Upgrade
  • Brydon Park, Master Plan Design
  • Brydon Park, Playground/Sport Court Renovation
  • Traffic Calming at 198 Street at 53 Avenue
  • 56 Avenue Pavement Replacement between 198 Street and 200 Street
  • Watermain Upgrade along Fraser Highway near Surrey Border
  • Storm Sewer Relining along Fraser Highway near Railway Tracks
  • Michaud Greenway Concept Design
  • New Michaud Community Garden
  • Traffic Study for 62 Avenue
  • New Traffic Signal at 203 Street at Industrial Avenue
  • Duncan Way Industrial Area Sidewalks and Multi-Use Path Project
  • Glover Road Traffic Signal Rebuilds at 56 Avenue, Eastleigh Crescent, and Duncan Way
  • 56 Avenue Project between Glover Road and Langley Bypass
  • Logan Creek Culvert Replacement
  • Rotary Centennial Park Concept Design
  • Fraser Highway One-Way Concept Design
  • Douglas Park, Lighting Replacement
  • Douglas Park, Playground Replacement
  • Douglas Crescent Road and Utilities Project between 206 Street and 208 Street
  • Enhanced Crosswalk at 54 Avenue and 204 Street
  • Traffic Signal Rebuild at 51B/53A/53 Avenue

There are plenty of projects on-the-go that will ensure that our City can maintain and enhance the services required to provide a good quality of life for people who live in our community.

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