Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Infrastructure projects on the go in Langley City. Investing in walking, lighting, and parks.

With the summer construction season here, Langley City will be full of activity as investment in infrastructure continues at a record pace. Improving walking infrastructure such as sidewalks is something that I strongly believe in, and it is something that I’ve heard from many people in our community is important. Langley City continues to invest in walking, and on Monday night, council approved issuing a $1 million contract to Jack Cewe Ltd. for various walking infrastructure projects around Duncan Way and along 46A Avenue.

Location of sidewalk projects in Langley City. Select map to enlarge.

Improved crosswalks are also under construction. At 204 Street and 54 Street, and at 208 Street and 50A Avenue, there are new flashing-light crosswalks. Over the next month, centre islands will also be installed at those locations to further improve the safety and comfort of people who will be using those crosswalks.

An example of a centre island. Source: NACTO

Park investment also continues. The City Park spray park is current under construction. At Penzer Action Park, a new washroom is under construction. Due to the high use of that park, a new parking lot was recently opened along 198C Street.

The City is also activity replacing all of our streetlights with LED streetlights. Within the next year, half to two-thirds of all City-owned streetlights will be converted. Logan Avenue is currently being converted, and it is expected to be completed by the end of June. Other major streets will be done next, with side streets being replaced last.

If you have been around the City in the last couple of weeks, you’ll have noticed that street patching is being completed at various locations. Patching will continue throughout the summer.

The following map from last night’s neighbourhood meeting at Douglas Park Community School shows many of the projects that are under-construction or in the planning stage. Red areas on the map mean under-construction while yellow means they are in the planning phase.

Map of some of the active Langley City infrastructure projects. Select image to enlarge.

Rotary Centennial Park, Brydon Park, the Fraser Highway One-Way, and the Michaud Greenway are all currently in the planning phase. There will be opportunities for members of our community to be part of the design process.

While there are other major projects going on throughout our parks system such as replacing pedestrian bridges in the floodplain, there are also many smaller projects. The following table shows the location and quantity of new benches, picnic tables, and bike racks that will be installed throughout our parks system.

Location New Benches New Picnic Tables New Bike Racks
Conder Park
3 - -
City Park
2 1 1
Brydon Park
4 1 -
Linwood Park 2 1 -
Nicholas Park 2 2 -
Sendall Gardens - 2 -
Douglas Park 5 3 1
Penzer Park 1 2 2

Langley City council is serious about investing in our community. While living through construction is never fun, the end result will be a better community.

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