Thursday, July 11, 2019

July 8 Council Meeting: City Park renewal, other projects, and administrative matters

Today will be my last post about Monday night’s Langley City council meeting. You can read yesterday’s post and Tuesday’s post to learn about all the items covered.

Langley City is in renewal mode. City Park is one of the major multi-year renewal projects occurring in our community. Over the past few years around $1.2 million has been invested into renewing this park. The latest round of projects are starting to take shape as shown in the following pictures from Monday night’s council meeting.

A slide showing pictures of City Park renewal. Select image to enlarge.

Another slide showing a picture of City Park renewal. Select image to enlarge.

Other projects that are moving forward in Langley City include:

  • Brydon Park improvements with new trails and an off-leash dog area in the forest area
  • Rotary Centennial Park ball diamond has been cleaned up to support pick-up games
  • Pickleball courts were installed in Douglas Park
  • New bike racks installed in Downtown Langley
  • 203 Street sewer replacement between Fraser Highway and Logan Avenue
  • 48 Avenue storm sewer has been renewed
  • Annual fire hydrant inspection and cleaning underway
  • Annual catch basin cleaning program is underway
  • Annual sewer pipe inspections completed for 1/5th of the City. (Every 5 years, all pipes are inspected.)
  • Michaud Greenway conceptual design underway
  • Glover Road protected cycling lane design underway
  • Grade Crescent conceptual design underway

There were some administrative items that council approved.

Langley City council supported the City of Burnaby’s request calling on the province to expand the types of investments that municipalities can utilize to save money. Right now, municipalities are essentially only able to save money in bank accounts. While this is a super safe place to save money, it has a ultra-low rate of return. Expanding the types of investments would allow municipalities to get a higher rate of return for money saved over multiply years.

Council also approved our Corporate Officer Kelly Kenney to be a signing officer for the City’s bank accounts.

In most communities, including Langley City, the mayor sends letters of support as requested by local organizations that are seeking grants from the province or federal government. There has been no official policy about this in Langley City. Council approved a policy that formally allows the mayor to send a letter of support on behalf of council for local non-profits and recognized community organizations for projects that directly benefit the community, and where there is no cost to the City. Additionally, these letters of support will be made available to council.

Council also appointed Leigh Castron to the Arts & Culture Task Group.

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