Thursday, July 18, 2019

Langley residents’ opinions on local government services. Comparing results to the rest of Metro Vancouver.

A few weeks ago, I shared the results of the State of Local Government survey which was completed on behalf of the Young Regional Leadership Collective. The survey results were for Metro Vancouver as a whole. Because I helped co-author report, I thought I would share the Langley specific results.

One of the questions that was asked in the survey was “which of the following local government services do you use, and how satisfied are you with the quality of the service?”

As as note, these charts are selectable to reveal more information.

Some areas of difference between Langley residents and other Metro Vancouver residents is that Langley residents are more dissatisfied with public transit, and more satisfied with land-use, planning and development.

Because this survey was for all of Metro Vancouver, there were only 19 results from Langley. These results shouldn’t be considered to have the same statistical rigour as the full survey, but they do shed some light on the similarities and differences of Langley residents compared to the rest of the region.

Please read the full survey results report to see the differences between Langley and the rest of the region. Maybe surprising to some, but Langley residents’ views are very similar to the views of people in other parts of our region.

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