Wednesday, July 3, 2019

June 24 Council Meeting: City projects and maintenance supporting the quality of life for residents

If people want to speak with local governments, they can submit a request to appear before a council. In Langley City, this is a simple process. There were two requests to appear before council at the June 24th meeting.

The first request was from the Amanda Smith, representing the Tri-It Triathlon Committee. She presented a 1st place trophy to Payton Henderson who won in the 10/11 year-old female category. As a note, other awards were given out on the day of the Tri-It Triathlon.

Amanda Smith presenting a 1st place trophy to Payton Henderson. Select image to enlarge.

Council also received a presentation from a group call L-CHAT, or Langley Collaborative Homelessness Action Table. The presentation was from Leith White of the Langley Vineyard Church. He spoke about their group’s mission to create a welcoming community were everyone can call home, and their mission to advocate and support people who are experiencing homelessness.

Summer is construction season is the City, and there are many projects in progress to help support a good quality of life for residents in our community.

Clean drinking water is key to ensuring that our community remains healthy. Langley City crews have been busy ensuring that safe, clean water continues to flow. The water mains under a section of Fraser Highway are in the process of being replaced. This is a tricky project as it is occurring on one of the busiest sections of road in Langley City between the Langley Bypass and Landmark Way. This project is expected to be wrapped up by the fall.

City crews have also been doing pressure value maintenance to ensure that water is flowing at just the right pressure.

With the summer season, also comes seasonal planting in places such as Innes Corner and the annual hanging of flower baskets in our downtown core.

There has also been annual maintenance completed on some city-owned facilities and within the trail network.

Nicholas park is getting a refresh. Its spray park was recently repaired and resurfaced, and a new washroom is in the works.

There is also a new trail connection opening soon from the south side of Conder Park.

City Park is receiving a major upgrade this year with a new perimeter trail and central commons area. The following pictures show the progress that is being made.

Rick Bomhof providing an update about City Park. Select image to enlarge.

More pictures about the upgrades happening at City Park. Select image to enlarge.

To learn about the other items that were addressed at the last Langley City council meeting, please read my previous posts about development yesterday, and the RCMP and camping which I posted last week.

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