Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 22 Council Meeting: Short-term and longer-term safety improvements for Grade Crescent proposed. Further $20,558.34 in community grants awarded.

Back in May, Langley City staff and consultants presented two basic concepts for a renewed Grade Crescent at an open house for people to provide feedback on. The major challenge with Grade Crescent today is that it is a rural road in an urban setting. It lacks concrete sidewalks, protected bike lanes, and safer crosswalks. Some people also treat Grade Crescent like a speedway because of its rural design.

Of the two basic concepts proposed, the following basic concept was selected for further refinement based on feedback received.

Selected basic concept for a renewed Grade Crescent. Select image to enlarge.

The selected design has similarities to the renewed 203rd Street, and was selected as “it provides added safety of an off-street multi-use pathway providing a physical barrier between motor vehicles driver, and pedestrians/cyclists.”

The actual build-out of a completely renewed Grade Crescent is a medium to long-term goal. Detailed design work is being planned for the 2020/21 time frame. It is unknown when construction would start at this time.

The detailed design will incorporate feedback received from the public. I commented that the selected basic design has a proposed 2.6 metres for the walking and cycling which is narrower than the up to 3.5 metres for walking and cycling that is available on 203rd Street (on each side of the road). I am hoping that my feedback will also be incorporated into the detailed design.

In the meantime, there are safety concerns that residents in the areas have brought to the attention of council at our July 8th meeting. City staff will be completing a traffic speed and volume count on Grade Crescent at 201A Street to assess if additional traffic calming is needed along the corridor in the short-term.

As a completely renewed Grade Crescent is likely five or more years out, staff will be investigating the following measures to improve safety along the Grade Crescent corridor for council to consider in the 2020 capital budget:

  • A new pedestrian crosswalk on Grade Crescent in the 201A Street area complete with rapid flashing beacons and raised roadside islands, narrowing the road width at the crossing.
  • A new median barrier on 208th Street to restrict eastbound Grade Crescent left turn movements.

The asphalt sidewalk on the north side of Grade Crescent between 201st Street and 203rd Street is scheduled for renewal this summer which will include tree trimming and widening.

At our Monday night meeting, Langley City council approved the recommendations of City staff regarding Grade Crescent.

Langley City council allocates a portion of the money received from the casino each year for community grants. This year, $168,000 was made available for these grants. Council allocated $145,930.65 in community grants earlier this year. Because there was remaining funding, council approved the following additional community grants which totalled $20,558.34:

Boys and Girls Club of Langley: $3,650.00
Codependents Anonymous - 12 Step Group: $508.30
DLBA – Remembrance Day Banner Installation: $886.64
Langley Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Local Action Team: $1,500.00
Langley Division of Family Practice: $1,500.00
Langley Food Bank: $2,500.00
Rotary RibFest Langley: $2,500.00
SMART Recovery: $600.00
Southgate Church – Back to School Community Event: $4,500.00
Terry Fox Run Langley City: $866.40
Triple A Senior Housing Society: $547.00
Volunteer Cancer Drivers: $1,000.00

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about other items covered at Monday night’s council meeting. You can also read yesterday’s post about the meeting.

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