Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July 22 Council Meeting: Incorporating Public Art into City Projects, Commemorating World War 2, Moving Forward with Rezoning

Last night was the final Langley City council meeting until September 16th. Langley City, like many local governments, does not hold regular meetings during the month of August.

The meeting started with an opportunity for people to share their thoughts about proposed updates to the 2019-2023 financial plan. I posted a few weeks ago about the proposed updates to the financial plan. No one present at the council meeting spoke about the updates, and council did not receive any written submissions. Later during the council meeting, the financial plan update received final reading and was approved.

Council received a delegation from members of the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society who shared information about their organization. Their mandate is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe from April 2020 to July 2020, and the role that Canadians played during World War 2 in liberating the Netherlands.

They will be providing an education program that will be made available to elementary schools as well as hosting commemoration events next year. More information is available on their website. They are also selling “Canadian Liberator” red tulips online to help support their activities and to “raise awareness, pay respect and honour the men, women and families that contributed” to World War 2.

Council regularly receives updates about the various events and programing that are funding by the City. One of the comments that I hear from people sometimes is that they don’t want to walk alone through the City’s extensive trail network, but would still like to explore the trail network. Through the City’s recreation department, there is a drop-in City Walks program every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm where people can explore our community’s trail network with others. The walks always start at Douglas Recreation Centre.

Council gave third reading for a rezoning bylaw which would accommodate a 69-unit, 5-storey apartment building at 20209, 20219, 20225, 20237 53A Avenue. You can read more about this proposed rezoning on a previous blog post.

One of council’s priorities was to bring back the community-led Arts and Cultural Task Group. Their first recommendation to council was that “Council consider incorporating art work into Langley City capital projects such as the picnic shelter renewal at City Park, and that such artwork incorporate the four cornerstones referenced in the Langley City: Nexus of Community vision.”

The four cornerstones of the Nexus vision are: community, connected, experiences and integration. Council unanimously approved this motion from the task group.

Tomorrow, I’ll be continuing my post about last night’s council meeting.

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