Thursday, June 6, 2024

Replacement of Pedestrian Bridge Near Langley Senior Resources Centre

Bridge connecting the Nicomekl Trail system to 53A Avenue that is being replaced. Select the image to enlarge.

There is a pedestrian suspension bridge that crosses the Nicomekl River, connecting 53A Avenue to the floodplain trail network. While this bridge is unique, it is also at the end of its life and inaccessible for some people who use mobility aids.

The following shows the location of the bridge in question.

Location of the bridge replacement project. Select the map to enlarge.

Langley City Council recently awarded a tender to Rocky Layne Ltd. to replace this old pedestrian bridge with a modern, accessible one for $843,000. Council also contracted Associated Engineering (B.C.) Ltd. for $50,449 to oversee the project. The total cost of the bridge replacement is $1,019,949, which includes a contingency.

Because the Nicomekl River is a salmon-bearing river, the work must happen within a 65-working-day window, starting in July. During the construction period, a marked detour will be in place.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan… all the capital projects in the website is only for this year . What would be the capital projects for the next 3 years?

Anonymous said...

Also what happened to the discussion of height increase near airport with federal government? Is this ask really feasible?

Nathan Pachal said...

You can find the details starting on page 130 at

The heigh increase is feasible and has happened before. I would likely be for the area west of 203rd, but we are still in talks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan, I was wondering about the trail head and pedestrian bridge that have been removed from between 203A St and 204 St at around 46 Ave. The trail entrance looks like it has been purchased by the home owner and has been removed. The bridge was removed and never replaced to this day. Just wondering if you have any info on these parts of the trail network? Thank you.

Nathan Pachal said...

If you are talking about the trailhead at 4640 203A St. That was closed 15+ years ago. The right of way is still there.