Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Langley City's 2023 Annual Report Released

Langley City 2023 Annual Report Cover

Like all municipalities in BC, Langley City prepares an annual report. The City just published its 2023 Annual Report, which is now available online. The report contains information about Langley City's organizational structure and each department. It explains each department's purpose, key accomplishments in 2023, and plans for 2024.

For example, the report explains that the Recreation, Culture, and Community Services Department manages community events and recreation facilities and collaborates with other government and partner organizations to support people's social, economic, environmental, physical, and mental well-being.

Three of the eight accomplishments for this department in 2023 include:

  • Welcoming 27,696 participants at single session (drop-in) fitness classes, an increase from 19,910 participants in 2022.
  • Increasing youth drop-ins by 1,000 in 2023, both in social and sports activities.
  • Continuing to expand lesson registration opportunities at Al Anderson Memorial Outdoor Pool.

The report also includes information on permissive tax exemptions granted and community grants awarded in 2023. As required, the annual report also states that no member of Langley City Council was disqualified from holding office in 2023.

Finally, the report contains Langley City's audited financial statements for 2023.

I invite you to read the report. You can formally provide feedback on the annual report in person at Langley City Council's June 17, 2024 meeting, by sending an email, or by writing a letter. More information on how to provide feedback is on Langley City's website.

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