Thursday, June 20, 2024

Langley City's 2023 Annual Report, Council Pay/Expenses, and Financial Statements

As I posted last week, Langley City published its 2023 Annual Report. Council provided an opportunity for people to ask questions or provide feedback on the annual report, including at Monday's Council meeting. We did not receive feedback or questions, either written or at the Council meeting. If you want to read and learn more about the 2023 Annual Report, please look at a previous post I wrote.

I also posted that Langley City received a clean bill of financial health from our independent auditor. As part of adopting our 2023 Annual Report, we must officially approve our 2023 Statement of Financial Information. Council approved the statement on Monday.

Council also approved our 2023 Council Remuneration and Expenses, as shown below.

Elected Representative Remuneration Expenses Benefits Total
Pachal, Nathan $138,637 $3,610 $36† $142,283
Albrecht, Paul $64,698 $3,093 $4,040 $71,831
James, Teri $64,698 $1,772 $4,040 $70,510
Mack, Delaney $62,387 $5,397 $4,040 $71,824
Solyom, Michael $64,698 $1,159 $36† $65,893
Wallace, Rosemary $64,698 $2,865 $4,040 $71,603
White, Leith $67,008 $6,531 $4,040 $77,579

I wanted to point out a few things. First, we rotated our Deputy Mayor position among all councillors, which is why you will see a difference in councillors' remuneration. I attend many events, meetings, and activities in my official capacity as mayor, but I cannot attend them all. The Deputy Mayor's role is to help ensure Langley City Council is well-represented when I cannot attend. The Deputy Mayor also must chair Council meetings if I cannot attend.

The next is expenses; members of Council are encouraged to attend the Lower Mainland Local Government Convention, Union of BC Municipalities Convention, and Federation of Canadian Municipalities Convention. Not everyone attends the same conventions, so you'll see that difference reflected.

Finally, not all members of Council take part in the extended health and dental plan, as they may be using the plan available from their spouse or another employer.

† Only travel and accident insurance

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