Wednesday, June 5, 2024

May 27 Council Meeting Notes: Townhouse and Apartment Proposals

At its Monday, May 27th meeting, Langley City Council gave third reading, also known as approval in principle, for two development proposals.

The first proposal that Council considered was for a 26-unit townhouse complex on the northeast corner of 50A Avenue and 208 Street. You can read more about this in a previous post. Council raised four questions about the application at first and second readings, which the applicant of this proposal addressed.

The applicant provided a plan to ensure that tradespeople would park on the construction site rather than on the street. The applicant must also complete a traffic impact assessment and ensure that 208 Street and 50A Avenue stay open to all vehicle movements. They will also need to provide a cash contribution to upgrade the crosswalk at the intersection to a pedestrian-activated signal.

Council also had some concerns with the façade 50A Avenue. The applicant updated the design.

Render of updated façades from 50A Avenue (5030, 5040, 5052, 5064 208 Street and 20845 50A Avenue.) Select the image to enlarge.

Finally, Council was concerned about the over-programming of a small open space in the project. The applicant updated it to a pet relief area/greenspace.

Plan showing the updated greenspace with a pet relief area. Select the image to enlarge.

The second proposal Council considered was for a 5-storey, 132-unit apartment building at 20719-20731 Eastleigh Crescent. You can read more about this proposal in a previous post. Council was concerned about tradespeople parking during construction. The applicant noted that they also own the Eastleigh Professional Centre, which will be used for parking.

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