Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Council Approves New Washrooms in Douglas Park, 56th Avenue and Park Avenue Paving Projects

Summer is construction season in Langley City, and on Monday, Council approved the tendering of contracts for two projects.

The first project is for new public washrooms at Douglas Park. As part of the renovation of Douglas Rec Centre to add 74 new childcare spaces, the current outdoor-accessible washrooms will become the site of a new elevator.

A new washroom building just north of the pickleball courts will include men's, women's, and universal washrooms. With the addition of a universal washroom, there will be more washrooms than previously.

Location of new Douglas Park Public Washrooms. Select the image to enlarge.

The City is building these washrooms to a higher standard to increase their durability and the durability of the washroom fixtures.

Council approved issuing the construction contract to Pacific Casa Construction Inc. for $545,196.04, excluding GST. The City is setting aside a contingency of $76,822.96. Council awarded the project's construction administration contract to McElhanney Ltd. for $77,981.00, excluding sales taxes.

Council also approved issuing a construction contract to Mainland Construction Materials ULC dba Winvan Paving for $862,884.00, excluding GST, to repave and renew:

  • 56 Avenue between 200 Street to 203 Street
  • Park Avenue

Paving is expected to start in July.

Given the age of our community, the construction company may find containment materials or other surprises during the repaving project. For example, sections of 56th Avenue east of Glover Road were built on a base of logs compacted into the ground, as was the way of building roads 100 years ago. As such, Council approved setting a $197,068.00 contingency to be only used if required.

Council awarded the paving project's construction administration contract to R.F. Binnie & Associates Ltd for $40,030.00, excluding sales taxes.

During the meeting, I asked if it made sense for the City to consider hiring construction project managers in-house to potentially save money, given the volume of projects that the City will be undertaking in the years ahead. The City's CAO noted that they will investigate this.

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