Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Langley City Council Supports Regional Rail Network

GO Train

I’m excited that SkyTrain is coming to Langley City. It will be transformative, but it is only one piece of the transportation puzzle to create more travel choices for people living on the South Coast. Mountain Valley Express Collective Society, or MVX, is advocating for a regional rail network connecting the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, and the Sea-To-Sky Corridor.

They recently presented to Langley City Council, asking for our support. Council at the May 27th meeting passed the following motion:

WHEREAS the Mountain Valley Express Collective Society requested Langley City Council to support their efforts in lobbying the Province of BC and TransLink to bring a world-class regional rail network to the south coast of BC;
WHEREAS Metro Vancouver risks falling behind other global cities as well as failing to meet important environmental and equity goals without a world-class regional rail network;
WHEREAS a world-class regional rail network would not only connect major regional destinations such as Vancouver International Airport, Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminals and destinations in the Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky region but would also provide economic benefits to, and enhance the quality of life of, the residents of these regions;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Langley City Council lobby the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Chair of TransLink’s Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation to conduct a study on regional rail and integration with future rail rapid transit on a variety of productive corridors and establish a directory of properties that should be preserved/ monitored to ensure they are designed to accommodate future regional rail/rapid transit stations and corridors.

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