Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April 29, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Development proposals, crime prevention, and inclusivity

At Monday night’s Langley City council meeting, there were two development related matters on the agenda.

Council gave a rezoning bylaw third reading. This rezoning would accommodate a 4-storey, 80-unit apartment building along 55A Avenue, between Brydon Crescent and 200th Street. The exact addresses for the proposed rezoning are 19920, 19930, 19940, 19950, 19960, 19970 - 55A Avenue. A public hearing for this proposed rezoning was held on April 8th. For more information about this proposal, please read my previous post about it.

Council also gave first and second reading for a bylaw which would enable the rezoning of properties located near Douglas Crescent and 208th Street as shown on the following map.

Location of proposed rezoning near Douglas Crescent and 208th Street. Select map to enlarge.

This proposed rezoning would accommodate a 4-storey, 34-unit apartment building as shown in the following renderings.

Elevations of proposed apartment building to be located at 20755, 20765 Douglas Crescent and 5453 208 Street. Select image to enlarge.

A public hearing will now be scheduled to seek public feedback on the proposed rezoning and apartment building.

While not directly related to the development, if the proposed rezoning is approved, curb extensions will be built on the northwest corner of Douglas Crescent and 208th Street to improve the safety of that intersection.

One of the indicators of a safe and healthy community is when neighbours know each other. Langley City’s Crime Prevention Task Group held a “Know Your Neighbours” campaign last summer. Based on the success of last year, the task group is gearing up for this year’s campaign. This campaign requires a team of volunteers, so task group members will be at #LangleyCityConnects Neighbourhood Meetings, at other events, and at various locations throughout our community over the summer to built up that team. In order to help get people signed up, the task group suggested that everyone who volunteers be entered into a draw to win a prize valued no higher than $500.

Council approved the following motion in support of the Crime Prevention Task Group:

That Council provide up to $500 from the Enterprise Fund to the Crime Prevention Task Group, to fund the purchase of a prize to use as an incentive to recruit volunteers, to go door to door promoting crime prevention during the 2019 “Know Your Neighbour Campaign.”

Council also approved two staff members to attend the Public Works Conference and Exhibition (PWX) in Seattle from September 8th through 11th. Council re-affirmed support for nominating Mayor van den Broek to stand for election onto the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s Board of Directors for the period starting in June 2019 and ending June 2020.

Council received a letter from Stacey Wakelin who is the founder of B.C. Families for Inclusivity asking that the City ban Conversion Therapy which is a damaging “pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation.” I noted that the City doesn’t have the toolkit to effectively enforce a ban on this destructive practice, and that it would be best handled at the province or federal level.

I also noted at the meeting that Langley City’s role is to ensure that we are creating an inclusive community that welcomes all people including people who are LGBTQ. Some of the ways that the City currently shows this support is by flying a rainbow flag at City Hall for one week annually, designating our City facilities are safe spaces for people who are LGBTQ, providing free meeting space for an LGBTQ seniors group, and by supporting Langley’s Youth Hub. Of course, there is always opportunity for improvement.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about the remaining items that were addressed at Monday night’s council meeting.

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