Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May 27, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Reconciling the budget, supporting community organizations, and providing free summer programs.

Over the past several council meetings, the 2018 budget has been reconciled with the actual year-end results for that year. This process includes both getting the financial results independently audited and updating the financial statements. Because budgets are based on projections, year-end results never fully align.

One of the reasons for differences between the budget and the actual year-end financial results is because municipalities can receive grants from other governments and organizations throughout the year. Langley City received $15,500 from ICBC to improve safety at the intersection of Glover Road and Eastleigh Crescent in 2018. The City also received $2,600 from the Township of Langley to support volunteer training videos last year.

A Committee of the Whole was held to allow residents the opportunity to provide feedback on the capital budget update. There was no feedback from residents, and council approved this update.

Council also received a report noting that the City received $452,388 from provincial traffic fine revenue in 2018. This money helps fund the salary of three RCMP members for our community annually. The provincial government is updating this revenue sharing program, with information about the updated program being released shortly. Local governments have been assured that with this new program “the overall revenue municipalities currently receive will not change.”

Council received two presentations at the beginning of Monday night’s meeting. The first presentation was from the Langley Field Naturalists who has been active in environmental advocacy for close to 40 years in our community. The Field Naturalists where instrumental in getting Brydon Lagoon turned into a natural area.

The organization’s representatives thanked council for supporting them which included providing funding to produce brochures about birds and butterflies in Langley. These brochures are available at rec centres and are also distributed to schools in Langley.

More information about the Langley Field Naturalists is available on their website including information about their events which includes field trips.

Dana Garcia-Annand who was representing the Army Cadet League of BC thanked council for our support of their programs including the Vimy Parade in the Fraser Valley. Council heard from two cadets about how their involvement has helped them build confidence, leadership skills, and friendships.

The Mayor with Dana Garcia-Annand and cadets. Select image to enlarge.

Council received an update from Kim Hilton who is the Director of Recreation, Culture and Community Services for the City. Over the summer, she noted that a Summer Child Fun Pass will be available. This free pass provides access to 10 drop-in activities. More information is available at Timms Community Centre and Douglas Recreation Centre.

For more information about the activities available and upcoming events in our community, please visit the City’s website.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about other matters on Monday night’s council agenda.

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