Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 13, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Wire Theft, Project Updates, and More Voting Opportunities.

The Langley City council meeting on Monday night had a packed agenda. You can read about some of the development matters addressed in the post I wrote on Tuesday, and about council remuneration and other financial matters addressed in yesterday's post. Today will be my final post about that meeting.

Langley City council receiving an engineering update. Select image to enlarge.

Council received an update on some of the various projects happening in our community. Some highlights include the recent enhancements to Brydon Lagoon including a new fountain in the middle of the lagoon. The Fraser Highway One-Way sidewalks were recently pressure-washed, and look great. City crews also recently completed work on keeping our fire hydrants and sewer pump stations in a state of good repair. Work is also progressing well on the City Park renewal project.

An example of the damage caused by wire theft, plus repair. Select image to enlarge.

Wire theft continues to be a major issue in our community. If you see someone tampering with street lights or traffic lights, please call 911.

In the past, people who were members of the Langley Seniors Resources Society had been offered an additional advanced opportunity to vote at the society’s building on 51B Avenue for local government elections. This additional advanced voting opportunity was not available to all members of the public which caused some confusion during the last election. Council approved staff to investigate making the Langley Seniors Resources Society location an additional advanced voting opportunity for all people eligible to vote, and to explore extending the number of hours available to vote at this location for the next local government election.

Council received a delegation to add on-street parking in front of the building located at 19897 56 Avenue on April 8th. At that time, council referred the matter to staff for a report. City staff recommended that the current travel lanes on 56 Avenue be maintained along this major corridor “in order to keep the traffic moving efficiently and allowing space for future protected bike lanes.” Council supported the recommendations in the staff report, and as such, there will be no on-street parking at this location. As a note, one of council’s priorities is to develop a comprehensive parking management plan for our whole community.

Langley City’s Fire Rescue Service uses the secure radio network from E-Comm which is best known for providing 911 services for most of BC. As such, the City is entitled to sit on the E-Comm board. Council approved appointing Councillor Gayle Martin to the E-Comm Board for a one year term beginning in 2019.

Council also approved Jayde Marno to be appointed to the City’s Environmental Task Group.

Mayor van den Broek provided an update on her trip to Ottawa with other members of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation where they lobbied members of all federal political parties for increased transit funding for our region.

The Mayor also recognized Langley City Firefighter Colby Dodd who participated in the New York City 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Fundraiser.

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