Monday, May 27, 2019

2019 Traffic Calming Projects in Langley City

Last week, I posted about the various city-led infrastructure projects that are in the works for 2019 including a high-level overview of the proposed traffic-calming projects for this year. Today, I wanted to share more detail about these proposed projects.

Langley City council approved a $60,000 budget for traffic calming this year. The total capital projects budget is about $10 million this year. The three sites selected are as follows.

Douglas Park Community School

Proposed measures: Two speed humps and one raised crosswalk.

Map of proposed traffic calming near Douglas Park Community School. Select map to enlarge.

As a note, this section of 206th Street has been identified as needing a full road rehabilitation. This will occur in a future year.

Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary

Proposed measures: three speed humps.

Map of proposed traffic calming near Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary. Select map to enlarge.

Uplands Elementary/Uplands Montessori

Proposed measures: Four speed humps and one raised crosswalk.

Map of proposed traffic calming near Uplands Elementary. Select map to enlarge.

Langley City’s Engineering Department is look to get your feedback about the proposed traffic calming measures. You can fill out a traffic calming questionnaire, and email the completed questionnaire to For other ways to submit feedback, please visit Langley City’s website. Feedback is being accepted until May 31st.

I frequently receive queries from people asking about how to get traffic calming in their neighbourhood or street. The first step is to go to, and submit a request. The request type is “Roads” and the request subtype is “Traffic Calming”. The more people that submit a request for an area, the higher the chance that it will be considered for traffic calming.

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