Thursday, May 30, 2019

New Video: Who is Langley City?

Discovery Langley City is the destination marketing organization for our community. It is funded by a tax that is applied when people stay at short-term accommodations such as hotels or Airbnbs in our community. Langley City also provides some funding to the organization. The mandate of Discovery Langley City is to increase the number of people who visit our community and increase the number of overnight stays at our short-term accommodation providers. This not only benefits accommodation provides, but our whole local economy as these folks also visit local shops and take advantage of local services.

We all know that our community is a great place to live and visit because of our small-town feel, beautiful parks, natural areas, downtown, and free events throughout the year. Discover Langley City asked the question “Who is Langley City?”

Well, we are smelly, sketchy, unstable, self-centred, twisted, dirty, and reckless. We are refreshing honest.

We are a great place to visit (and dare I say it, be!)

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