Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 8, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Proposed development projects in Brydon area and Park Avenue

Last night’s Langley City council meeting started with a public hearing for a proposed 4-storey, 80-unit apartment building along 55A Avenue, between Brydon Crescent and 200 Street, as shown in the following rendering.

Render of proposed project at 19920, 19930, 19940, 19950, 19960, 19970 - 55A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

During the public hearing, the project’s proponent stated that they propose a stepped-down, landscaped terrace at the front of the proposed building to help reduce the perceived height of the concrete wall at the front of the building.

The proposed apartment building would contain a mix of 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom plus den units, including 4 units that meet the BC Building Code Adaptable Housing standards.

The original plan for the proposed apartment called for two fully-functional electrical vehicle parking spots. The City’s Advisory Planning Commission recommended that all underground parking spots be roughed-in for electrical vehicle parking. At the public hearing, the project’s proponent stated that they would accommodate this request. The Commission also requested that an accessible underground parking space be provide by the elevator. Again, the project’s proponent stated that they would incorporate this recommendation.

One of the questions that I asked City staff last night was if curb extensions to improve intersection safety will be built along 55A Avenue similar to what was done on 198 Street, and along Douglas Crescent between 207 Street and 208 Street. Council was told that the City is still finalizing the street standard in that area, but that it will likely include curb extensions.

While no one attended the council meeting to speak to this project, council did receive two written letters from residents who live in the area expressing general concern about development.

After the public hearing, there was a Committee of the Whole to seek public feedback on a development permit that would allow for a 6-storey, 93-unit strata building with 82 apartments and 11 townhouse units along the north side of Park Avenue. The original Downtown Master Plan called for residential units with individual street-level access along Park Avenue. This project will meet this original vision with the 11 townhouse units.

Render of approved project at 20427, 20437, 20445, 20453, 20463 Park Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

At the meeting, one resident from the apartment building that is at the corner of Park Avenue and Douglas Crescent stated that they were happy to see that this project’s proponent listened to their concerns around parking access and safety. The project’s proponent will be installing convex mirrors and will be widening the lane around the underground parking of the current building at Park Avenue and Douglas Crescent.

TELUS provided a letter stating that they wanted to work with the proponent to ensure that their telecommunication equipment is not impacted. A TELUS facility is located just west of this proposed apartment building. The TELUS letter was forwarded onto the proponent.

As part of this project, the City will be receiving a new mini-park where Park Avenue turns by Douglas Park.

Proposed mini-park along Park Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Council approved issuing a development permit for the project along Park Avenue.

With the larger number of construction projects in our community, the City is now recommending to project proponents that they provide a traffic management plan, and that they make arrangements for off-site parking for construction crews to ensure that they are not using on-street parking. Both proponents of the two projects included these plans and arrangements. Council was further told that construction equipment would only be stored on-site, and not on the street by the proponents.

Tomorrow, I will be posting about other matters that were addressed at last night’s council meeting.

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