Thursday, April 11, 2019

April 8, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Pickleball court improvements at Douglas Park. Property tax mill rates set.

Throughout this week, I have been posting about Monday night’s Langley City council metering. On Tuesday, I posted about two development proposals; and yesterday, I posted about presentations that council received from members of the community and city staff. Today will be my final post about that meeting.

On March 11th, the council chamber was packed with members from the Langley Area Pickleball Dinkers who requested that the city renew the tennis courts at Douglas Park to support both tennis and pickleball. They noted at the meeting that they were planning a tournament between July 5th and 7th, and if this renewal request could be accommodated in-time for the tournament. Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that is age-friendly.

As a side note, multi-day tournaments are great for our community as they promote overnight stays at our hotels, and support our local businesses as tournament participants spend money at local restaurants and shops.

City council received a report from City staff asking to invest $25,000 to complete the following at the Douglas Park tennis courts:

Pickleball court lines in cyan. Select image to enlarge.

Repair surface cracks - Most are relatively minor and easy to repair; however, one crack is quite long (extends almost the full length of the tennis court) and wide (about ½”). The court was resurfaced about two years ago and it was surprising to see that a major crack has now developed. The crack can be repaired now but a detailed investigation should be undertaken to determine the cause of the crack if it reappears within the next year or two.

Paint pickleball court lines - Staff met with the pickle ball group and agreed to paint four courts per tennis court in addition to the tennis lines. They are equipped with their own nets, so they have not requested permanent nets. This would give them eight courts for competition play. The proposed lines are shown on the attached drawing.

The $25,000 would come from the City’s Enterprise Fund. This $168,000 Enterprise Fund receives annual proceeds allocated from casino revenue. The fund is used for emergent priorities in our community. Council believed that supporting pickleball was one of those priorities, and approved funding the renewal of the tennis courts.

I posted back in March that council unanimously approved Langley City’s 2019 budget. I provided links in that post about the various aspects of this budget including the required 6.98% increase in property tax. Even though the budget was approved, a tax rate bylaw must also be adopted. Council gave first, second, and third reading to the 2019 Tax Rate Bylaw on Monday. While people talk about property tax as percentages, it is legally set as mill rates as shown in the following table.

2019 Langley City Property Tax Mill Rates. Select table to enlarge.

The BC Assessment authority provides a guide on how to determine your property tax based on assessed value and mill rate.

One a separate note, 48.8% of property tax is collected from residential property owners with the remainder collected from commercial property owners in Langley City.

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