Monday, April 29, 2019

South of Fraser Bus Boardings Way Up. Langley City on Top 10 List.

TransLink recently released its 2018 Transit Service Performance Review which contains ridership information based on routes, municipalities, and sub-regions. One of the things that I hear often is that people in the South of Fraser don’t take transit, and that our communities are not designed to accommodate transit. According to TransLink’s latest data, this is not the case.

Between 2017 and 2018, the number of annual bus boardings in the South of Fraser increased from 43.3 million to 50.1 million. That’s a 15.6% increase! Surrey, Langley, and White Rock combined have the second highest bus ridership outside of the City of Vancouver/UBC.

A new metric that TransLink has presented this year is annual bus boardings by municipality. The results might be a bit surprising.

Municipality 2018 Population 2018 Boardings 2018 Boardings Per Capita
Vancouver 672,963 146,602,000 218
New Westminster 76,799 11,086,000 144
Burnaby 248,476 31,608,000 127
North Vancouver, City 56,741 6,658,000 117
West Vancouver 44,886 4,527,000 101
Richmond 216,300 18,113,000 84
North Vancouver, District 90,814 6,864,000 76
Surrey 569,065 40,235,000 71
Langley, City 27,577 1,358,000 49
Coquitlam 149,490 7,027,000 47
Delta 109,484 4,917,000 45
Port Moody 35,613 1,262,000 35
Port Coquitlam 62,844 1,969,000 31
White Rock 21,370 451,000 21
Maple Ridge 88,626 1,832,000 21
Langley, Township 127,290 2,556,000 20
Pitt Meadows 19,772 370,000 19
Belcarra 684 6,900 10
Bowen Island 3,977 40,000 10
Anmore 2,389 19,000 8
Lions Bay 1,407 8,500 6

I was surprised to see that Langley City has higher bus ridership than most municipalities in Metro Vancouver. Compared to White Rock and Port Moody, communities that are similar in size and character, we had significantly more bus boardings. What was also interesting to see is that North Shore communities have some of the highest bus boardings per capita in Metro Vancouver.

2018 Bus Boardings Per Capita by municipality. Select chart to enlarge.

While Langley City has a way to go compared to communities like New Westminster for per capita transit boardings, the numbers show that we are on the right track. With the cost of fuel at record levels, it is more important than ever that governments invest in public transit, and in building walkable and bikeable communities.

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