Thursday, May 8, 2008

Inaugural Meeting Finally Here - Tonight

7:00pm – 9:00pm
Township of Langley Municipal Facility
4th Floor, Nicomekl River Meeting Room
20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley

6:45pm – 7:00pm Self-Registration / Greeting

7:00pm – 7:05pm Welcome & Introductions (Nathan Pachal, Joe Zaccaria &

7:05pm – 7:30pm What Is The Interurban? (Nathan Pachal)

7:30pm - 7:40pm Q & A / Feedback (participants)

7:40pm – 7:55pm The Issues, What We Believe & The Solutions (Joe Zaccaria)

7:55pm – 8:05pm Q & A / Feedback (participants)

8:05pm – 8:10pm How Can We Help ? Society Status (Joe Zaccaria)

SFOT Volunteer Jobs & Board Members

8:10pm – 8:15pm Workshop & Brainstorming Session (Nathan Pachal)

May 31st or June 7th – Volunteers Needed

8:15pm – 8:20pm Donations & Company Sponsorships (Joe Zaccaria)

8:20pm – 8:30pm June 10th Meeting -Yorkson Room - Streetcar Night (Joe Zaccaria)

Participant Questions / Feedback


If you are planning to attend tonight, you can save some time by registering your name and contact details on this Blog!


Unknown said...

Really wish I could come! Will there be a summary here later? The brainstorming session sounds like fun. Hope it goes well.

Nathan Pachal said...

There should be an audio summary posted later. Thanks!

Joe Zaccaria said...


We'll let you get away with it this time, but we'd love to meet you at the next meeting! Also, feel free to e-mail us with any questions or requests you may have. The audio file to come later on the website will also help folks stay connected.