Friday, May 2, 2008

Langley Buzzing About Light Rail

Today's Langley Advance is once again talking about light rail with an article on Wednesday's Interurban/Streetcar presentation by Councillor Jordan Bateman to the Valley Transportation Advisory Committee. South Fraser OnTrax (SFOT) has had some great discussions and has been listening to sustainable transportation ideas from Township council and the mayor. During our discussion, we have noticed that Township council and the mayor are up to speed on the need for transportation alternatives like the Interurban.

The main page of the Advance has a great poll that asks readers if they would ride the Interurban and if so, how far. Not many people want buses (no surprise) and it is interesting that many would ride to Vancouver even as TransLink numbers show more traveling within the south Fraser. It would have been better if the poll included Abbotsford and Chilliwack, along with Surrey. Take the poll! As of Noon today, the Advance numbers looked like this:

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