Monday, May 5, 2008

Southern Railway of BC May Like Passengers

I was poking around the Southern Railway of BC's website and found it interesting that their new president, Frank J. Butzelaar is a fairly young man that rose up the ranks to become the boss.

I also see where there are several industrial properties along the main line that could severe as potential Interurban rail car maintenance and storage facilities, especially if the Southern Railway of BC was awarded a contract to run the Interurban passenger service. The new president is leaving the door open to this and South Fraser OnTrax is liking the idea. Makes lots of sense to us, and I would gather by the "could work" statement that Southern may consider the passenger service to be a lucrative business venture. Now let's call it Community Rail instead of Commuter Rail. Maybe this should give the nay-sayers something to think about?

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Light Rail Guy said...

For gods sakes, let anyone run the interurban, except Translink. They couldn't run a toy train.