Saturday, May 24, 2008

Going to Richmond

So, I'm heading to my friend's birthday tonight in beautiful Richmond. I'm going to a place called the Cucumber Cafe, address: 10251 St. Edwards Drive. To get there will require a true adventure on Translink and four tickets to get there and back (tickets are valid for 1:30, total travel to Richmond 2:06). My travels will take me on the 502 to Surrey Central Station (where all good Translink buses go.), 22nd Street SkyTrain station, then the 410 via the Queensbrough and Highway 91. If I had a car, it would take about an hour. Not that I'm complaining about the bus travel time; I've been stuck in traffic for over 2 hours sometimes (sadly "Bus"* can get stuck in the same traffic.) If only there was light rail (or even a more direct bus.) :-p To give Translink credit, at least all the routes I'm taking run past midnight on a weekend.

Wish me luck...

*Arrested Development is a great show... Remember Lupe's "car".

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Tom said...

hahaha and her "toy"