Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Vote Today

Today is a pivotal moment for the Interurban in the Township of Langley. Township council has the chance to become the champions of light rail in the South Fraser.

Sometime after 4pm council will vote on the following motions:
Councillor Bateman, presented the following Notice of Motion within the deadlines according to Council’s Policy:

Whereas transit service in the Township of Langley is the poorest, per capita, in the Lower Mainland, and

Whereas the vast majority of trips south of the Fraser stay south of the Fraser, and

Whereas a desire for light rail, streetcars, and community rail has been expressed throughout the entire south Fraser region, including the Council of the Township of Langley,

Therefore be it resolved that the Township support the concept of community rail and pursue the following measures:
1. An EMME2 and micro-simulation study, as recommended in the UMA community rail report, for community rail improvements in the south of the Fraser and Fraser Valley regions,
2. A study of the possible routes for community rail within the South of Fraser region,
3. The Township continue to protect key right-of-ways for possible community rail or other transit use, including, but not limited to, the Interurban rail line, 200th Street, 208th Street, Fraser Highway, 88th Avenue, and 96th Avenue,
4. Send a letter of support to the Fraser Valley Heritage Rail Society reinforcing the Township’s support for their efforts, and
5. Send an update to the TransLink Board, Ministry of Transportation, and the Mayors and Councils of the Cities of Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack regarding this motion, and offering agencies an opportunity to participate.


Councillor Richter, presented the following Notice of Motion within the deadlines according to Council’s Policy:

Whereas the planning and development of light rail transit South of the Fraser will require the banding together of local politicians in the high growth municipalities in order to put effective pressure on more senior levels of government and to negotiate with them;

Whereas the fracturing of support for rail transit will occur unless there is a significant effort made to unite efforts of local politicians, local transit advocacy groups, and local communities;

Therefore be it resolved that Langley Township take the initiative to form a South of the Fraser Transit/Transportation Task Force and to invite elected representatives from Surrey, Langley City, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack to sit on this Task Force as well;

Be it further resolved that the purpose of the Task Force be to develop a strategic plan, using the resources of all municipalities and transit advocacy groups such as VALTAC, which would effectively implement a unified light rail transit system South of the Fraser by no later than 2018.

Let’s hope that Township council votes to become visionaries for restoring the Interurban and light rail.

The meeting is open to the public around 4pm and is in the Township Council Chamber.

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