Friday, May 16, 2008

Complete Roads

One of the objectives of South Fraser OnTrax is to see the building, and retrofitting, of complete roads that provide equal access to all form of transportation (from walking to driving.) This currently isn’t happening on the majority of our roadways in the South Fraser. As an example, the bus stop near my work is a pole surrounded by mud with no sidewalks.

While doing a search, I came across a website called Complete Streets. It’s full of great information, so I suggest that you check it out.
Implementation Help

An effective complete streets policy should prompt transportation agencies to:

* Restructure their procedures to accommodate all users on every project.
* Re-write their design manuals to encompass the safety of all users.
* Re-train planners and engineers in balancing the needs of diverse users.
* Create new data collection procedures to track how well the streets are serving all users.
Happy long weekend!

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