Monday, November 21, 2011

Municipal Election Results

With the election over and done, it has become clear that people are happy with the direction that our local governments are taking in building more sustainable communities and providing transportation choice in our region. Some in the media stirred the pot claiming that people have had enough of bike lanes in Downtown Vancouver or better transit service in the rest of the region. If the results of this election are any indication, people are ready for transportation choice and in the South of Fraser are ready for light rail.

The biggest change was in the Township of Langley where the voters clearly had enough of Rick Green’s style of politics and vision for Langley.

In fact, Township voters elected a new mayor, Jack Froese, who believes that “livable and sustainable communities need bus networks, pedestrian and bicycle friendly neighbourhoods and streets. Not just in Walnut Grove, not only to Brookswood, our Township includes all of Aldergrove, and so should our transit.” Township voters also elected new councillor Michelle Sparrow who believes that “we need to focus on creating mixed-use, walk-able communities, which provide at our doorstep, shops and services we would otherwise have to drive to.”

The future for a sustainable Langley is very bright and I’m hopefully that we will see positive change in the next three years.

I have provided links to the election results for all South of Fraser communities:
Township of Langley
City of Langley
City of Surrey
Corporation of Delta
City of White Rock

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