Monday, November 7, 2011

Medicinal Marihuana Dispensary in Langley City

In the summer, a marihuana dispensary that was operating in a live/work building on Fraser Highway in Downtown Langley was raided by the RCMP. Knowing some people that own property in the building, they told me that they were relieved after the raid as it seemed that people other than licensed medical marihuana users were visiting the dispensary. A few weeks ago, supporters of the Langley Medical Marijuana Dispensary appeared before Langley City council at a less than civil meeting. You can read about the delegation in the Langley Times. As a results of that delegation at tonight’s council meeting there is a motion from Mayor Fassbender to send a letter to Health Canada which includes the following:
We support the direction with the proposed improvements to the MMAP as referenced in Health Canada’s June 17, 2011 document. We agree that due consultation with all stakeholders is absolutely essential to improve the MMAP and that adequate time must be provided to licence a sufficient number of companies who can supply the amount of dried marihuana required by Program participants. Ideally, we would like to see Program participants be able to access medicinal marihuana like any other prescribed drugs through licenced pharmacies. We would also encourage Health Canada to expedite the federal regulatory process to implement the improvements as soon as possible so that Program participants do not have to wait until 2014 before they can take advantage to the improvements.
Interesting Randy Caine, who is running for City Council and is the operator of the dispensary, has been charged with possession exceeding three kilograms for the purpose of trafficking according to the Langley Advance.
“These sorts of dispensaries are illegal and, despite what some may profess, have not been supported by the courts,” said Langley RCMP Supt. Derek Cooke. “Marihuana is a very carefully regulated drug and the law does not allow for an individual to determine whom he or she believes should be able to buy it. People with a legitimate medical need can be licenced to use marihuana. They can then grow their own, or easily purchase the drug from the government’s licenced medical supplier and have it conveniently delivered to their door.”

Cooke said the police maintain that many of the dispensary customers were not licensed by Health Canada and he questions the source of the marijuana.
By all accounts it looks like this might be shaping up to be one of the election issues in the City of Langley.