Tuesday, November 8, 2011

67 Suburban Houses proposed in Langley’s ALR

Last year I wrote a report on the Agricultural Land Reserve in the South of Fraser. One of the alarming trends that I noticed was tricky ways people were getting suburban development approved within the ALR. The Agricultural Land Commission will allow non-farm uses within the ALR which makes it look like the ALR isn’t shrinking when it really is. Back in 2001, the ALC denied an application for a non-farm use suburban development at 72 Avenue near Glover Road and Highway 10. In 2007, the Wall Financial Corporation applied again and was granted a conditional approval for their non-farm use application for what is being billed as an equestrian community.

Goodbye Farmland, Hello Suburbia - Preliminary Site Plan
This development was on last night's Township Council agenda. According to the Township’s own report this development may not be in line with the spirit of our region’s new growth strategy (RGS) and an “amendment to the RGS may be required in order to accommodate the proposed development.”

The problem with developments like this, besides weakening the ALR, is that they negatively effect Langley’s path to sustainability. High Point Equestrian Estate Community, Gloucester Industrial Estates, and now this proposed development will never see usable transit service and will never be complete walkable communities. If you live or work in these areas, you must own a car and you must drive to everything. They are development literally in the middle of farmland. The Township of Langley can't complains about lack of transit service in certain parts of Langley if it keeps approving these kinds of developments. Langley Township should be focusing its development efforts in established community and Willoughby and not allow these “one-off” suburban development in rural Langley because if this is allowed to continue Langley’s ALR and rural character will die a death by 1000 cuts.

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