Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Langley Municipal Election - Mel Kositsky

As part of our 2011 municipal election coverage, we sent out a questionnaire to all the mayoral candidates running in the City and Township of Langley. We will post the responses in the order they are received. Today we will be posting the reply for Township of Langley mayoral candidate Mel Kositsky.

Tell me a little bit about yourself
I am a retired journalist and a full-time councillor.

What got you interested in politics and local government?
I covered politics and councils in Langley as a reporter since about 1976 and decided to run for office in 1993 and was elected.

Why did you decided to run for mayor this election?
It was time for me to bring back trust, respect, and civility to the Mayor's office.

What are your priorities for the next council if you are elected?
See website - Orderly growth is key to other priorities.

What are your unique skills that would be valuable on Council?
Trust and proven leadership in municipal organizations and communication skills.

What is do you think is/would be the most challenging aspect for you sitting on Council?
Financial constraints in a growing community with so many needs.

Why should somebody vote for you over the other candidates?
Proven leadership and knowledge of local government.

What do you love about Langley?
Green space - parks and agricultural lands.

What are some of the challenges that Langley faces and what do you plan to do to address those challenges?
Changing demographics and increased urbanization - Already started with the Langley Diversity Program and Regional Growth Strategy.

How do you think that Langley can meet its Sustainability goals?
We have a well developed Charter of Sustainability that we are following.

How do you plan on striking a balance between keeping taxes low and improving service?
Create a long range financial strategy that can be reviewed annually based on global economic conditions.

With TransLink now looking for long-term funding, what are some of the option that you think should be explored?
The recently approved 2 cent per litre gas tax should help. Not in favour of more property tax increases.

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