Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walking in Willoughby

The Township of Langley has been working on updating neighbourhood plans in the Willoughby area for some time. One of the interest maps I came across was a walkablity map. Basically the average person will not walk no more than 5 minutes to get somewhere. I decided to mark up the map with yellow highlighter to show the currently Willoughby community plan's commercial/mixed-use areas. I also drew two corridors on 200th Street and 208th Street. I think these corridors would be prime candidates to see more mixed-use active that could be spread along the corridor instead of clustered (as it currently is) to give more walkable opportunities to people in Willoughby.

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I know that there was/is a major review going on in the Township of land-use in this area. I’m sure this review will further enhance the walkable areas of Willoughby.

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