Monday, March 2, 2009

Transit Adventure

On Saturday, a friend of mine wanted some moral support, so she took me on a bit of an adventure to the Guildford 108th Avenue area of Surrey to get a body piercing. All went well, but there were some interesting things I noticed on the trip. First off, work is coming along on the Golden Ears Bridge. They are working on street landscaping right now. If only provincially controlled road did the same thing, but I’ve talked enough about that. They actually already have green directions signs pointing people to the not-yet-build South Fraser Perimeter Road. Hope no one gets lost. *cough*

Anyway, we made it to Guildford in one piece. I actually have never walked through the Guildford area, but I snapped these few pictures of the area around 108th. As you may know, the 104th/108th will be/is a major transit corridor. Also this is an older neighbourhood, so there are many redevelopment opportunities as the following pictures show.

On the way back, I ran into fellow blogger Paul Hillsdon on the 320. Go Transit!

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