Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I snapped these photos in Vancouver last weekend.

Work is coming along with the completion of the updated Granville Street in the Downtown core. The City of Vancouver decided to refresh the street being that the Canada Line dug a large part of it up. Anyway, the two pictures I selected are of the sidewalk, which may seem a bit odd. I just had to chuckle at the fancy concrete design though because I was at a lecture a few years ago when a Vancouver City staffer was lamenting how, in Canada, we don’t invest in quality building material for our special areas. She said, "All we can seem to do is put rocks in the concrete and change its colour." She went on to say that granite was once used extensively as a street building material in Vancouver, and that it is one of those things that made Vancouver special. I have to agree. I really love the use of granite in Vancouver. You can see it mostly on the curbs of streets in old areas of Vancouver, like Chinatown, that haven’t been updated in a while.

These photos highlight two very different building in Vancouver. Guess which one I like. :-)

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