Friday, March 6, 2009

Rumour - Improved Service

If this turns out to be true, you heard it first on this blog. Anyway, I've been told that there will be service improvements in April on the bus network in the South Fraser. Of interest was the 502 Langley Centre/Surrey Central bus route. Currently it runs every 10 minutes during peak and every 15min the rest of the day until 9pm. Anyway, I heard that the service may be improving to 7 minutes. This is good, because the buses can get "a bit full". What remains to be seen is how TransLink plans to fund the transit system after they run out of money in the next year or two. Cutting service would not be the way to go. Maybe the province will help out TransLink’s operating costs just like it is helping out the Evergreen Line and Gateway Program's capital costs?

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