Wednesday, September 13, 2023

September 11 Council Notes: Housing Matters. Two Additional Six-Storey Apartment Buildings

On Monday night, Langley City Council addressed several housing matters. The first was a public hearing, which you can read in yesterday's post.

Council gave first and second reading for rezoning bylaw that, if approved, would allow for the construction of a 6-storey, 126-unit apartment building at 19948 55A Avenue. If you go to this site today, you'll notice that it is an empty lot. There was a proposal for this site in 2019 for a 4-storey apartment. The applicant didn't proceed with that project.

A rendering of a proposed apartment at 19948 55A Avenue. Select the image to enlarge.

Council will now schedule a public hearing for the rezoning bylaw to enable the 6-storey apartment.

Council also gave third reading to a rezoning bylaw, which, if given final reading, would enable the construction of a 6-storey, 75-unit apartment building at 20214 & 20224 54A Avenue.

A rendering of a proposed building at 20214 & 20224 54A Avenue. Select the image to enlarge.

At the public hearing, while Council received various feedback, the City sent six items to the project's applicant to provide a more detailed response.

These items include the removal of trees on neighbouring properties, traffic impacts, rear lane safety, updating the rental replacement unit mix, and providing a drawing showing the usability of combined bicycle and storage rooms.

You can read the complete response from the applicant in the Public Hearing Followup Memo. The primary concern for the adjacent strata apartment owners is the removal and replacement of trees on their property's borders. As noted in the memo, the City "will be required [the applicant and the stratas] come to a resolution with them before the subject application will be permitted to return to Council for consideration of approval."

As an additional followup, all units will have A/C, and the applicant will also provide the option to purchase wall/ceiling bike rack mounts for the storage units.

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