Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Notes: Proposed apartment building in Brydon Crescent area, community updates, door-to-door canvassing, and 39 “spas” in Downtown Langley.

Yesterday, I posted about the delegations that were heard at Monday night’s Langley City council meeting. Today, I’ll be posting about the remaining items that were addressed.

Council gave first and second reading for a zoning bylaw amendment which would facilitate a 4-storey, 80-unit apartment building at 19920, 19930, 19940, 19950, 19960, and 19970 55A Avenue. By giving first and second reading, a public hearing can be scheduled to get feedback on the proposed rezoning and development from others in our community. I will be posting more information about this proposed development project in the future, but wanted to include a rendering and site plan today.

Rendering of proposed apartment project at 19920, 19930, 19940, 19950, 19960, 19970 55A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Site plan of proposed apartment project at 19920, 19930, 19940, 19950, 19960, 19970 55A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

Council also received the updated Langley City Community Profile and Site Selector Data report. This report contains general information about the city and other data around development activity, demographics, employment, taxation, and other resources. This report is updated around every five years to incorporate the latest census information. This report can be downloaded from Langley City’s website.

Kim Hilton who is the Director of Recreation, Culture, and Community Services provided an update at Monday night’s meeting. She noted that Youth Week is coming up between May 1st and May 7th. This week focuses on providing free community events for people in grades 6 through 12. More information will be posted online as this week approaches. Ms. Hilton also stated that when people register for recreation activities online, they can save 10% compared to registering over the phone or in-person.

Mayor van den Broek highlighted the current need for Source Langley Food Bank to find a new home in our community starting at beginning of May. More information can be found at Sources’ website.

The New Westminster & District Labour Council sent a letter asking that council observe one minute of silence in the Council Chambers at an evening council meeting on or before April 28th to remember workers killed and injured on the job. While council does not observe this in the Council Chamber, on April 29th between 11:00am and 11:30am, flags will be lowered to half-mast, and a moment of silence will be observed at the flag poles in front of Timms Community Centre. This remembrance event is open to all members of the public.

Council received a request from TNI The Network Inc to conduct door-to-door canvassing on behalf of BC Children’s Hospital, the Red Cross, World Vision, Plan, and the World Wildlife Fund. This request was approved by council. Approved canvassing is allowed between 9am and 9pm Mondays through Saturday excluding holidays.

Council also received a letter form the Downtown Langley Business Association noting the rapid increase in tattoo shops and “spas” in the downtown. Currently, there are 14 tattoo shops and 39 “spas” which include hair removal/waxing, nail salons, and massage parlours. This letter was referred to staff for comment.

Since I’ve been on council, we have put in place changes in our zoning bylaw to limit the number of pharmacies and thrift stores in our downtown, as well as donation bins.

I believe that it is good to have a variety of businesses in our downtown, but that too much of any one business can create challenges.

Stacey Wakelin who is the founder of B.C Families for Inclusivity also sent a letter to council asking that we consider banning “Conversion Therapy” which claims to cure people of their non-heterosexuality. As noted by the Canadian Psychological Association, “scientific research does not support the efficacy of conversion or reparative therapy. Conversion or reparative therapy can result in negative outcomes such as distress, anxiety, depression, negative self-image, a feeling of personal failure, difficulty sustaining relationships, and sexual dysfunction.“ This letter was also sent to staff for comment.

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