Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dealing with toxic social media and defending their records. Recently re-elected councillors share experiences from the campaign trail.

Inspired by SFU City Conversations, four first-term councillors from municipalities throughout the region had an idea to bring important city-building conversations out from the confines of the City of Vancouver, to the rest of the region.

They held a series of in-person Metro Conversations in 2017, and launched a 6-episode podcast series in 2018. The topics focused on housing, transportation, and equity. The series was paused due to the fall 2018 municipal elections.

With elections over, and all four councillors now serving their second-term, Metro Conversations is back.

Four special election-edition podcasts have been released where councillors Nathan Pachal from the City of Langley, Kiersten Duncan from the City of Maple Ridge, Mathew Bond from the District of North Vancouver and Patrick Johnstone from New Westminster talk about their experiences during the fall 2018 campaign including what the hot topics were, other candidates, and the politics of their communities.

“These were fun interviews to do, and I like that we ended up with four very different conversations,” said Councillor Johnstone. “We may all have similar politics, so we all laugh at the same cues, but these interviews show how diverse our communities are and highlight how our connected region is often impacted by politics that are hyper-local.”

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