Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Public Hearing Notes: Two 6-Storey Apartments on Eastleigh Crescent

Last night, Langley City Council held a public hearing for a proposed rezoning which would enable the construction of two 6-storey apartments with a total of 171 units at 20659-20679 Eastleigh Crescent.

Rendering of proposed project at 20659 - 20679 Eastleigh Crescent. Select the image to enlarge.

Langley City Council received one written submission from a current resident in one of the existing townhouses, noting concern about finding affordable rental housing elsewhere.

Three people shared their feedback at the public hearing. One person supported the project, though they thought there wasn't enough parking. The other two people who shared feedback were a husband and wife who live in the townhouse complex to the back of the proposed new apartments.

They expressed concern about construction noise, dust, asbestos, trees, rodents, the replacement fencing between their townhouse complex and the proposed apartments, and the setback of the proposed buildings' parking garage.

The project's applicant noted that they would be willing to work with the townhouse complex if someone had a backyard event, such as an outdoor wedding, to reduce the noise impacts at a specific time. Staff noted that the City has a construction noise bylaw that regulates permitted construction activity hours. Because of the high water table, dust is not expected to be an issue during construction, but any silica dust will be captured to prevent spread. There will likely be asbestos in the existing buildings. Before demolishing, the asbestos will need to be removed safely and with the approval of WorkSafeBC. While the trees on the side of the property will be removed, the buildings' underground parking is designed to preserve the trees on the back of the property, which backs onto the townhouse complex. Those trees will be protected and retained. City staff noted the applicant must have a rodent control program to reduce rodents making a home in other buildings due to the demolition of the older buildings. The applicant also noted the replacement fence between the proposed apartments and the townhouse complex to the back would be a high-quality metal and composite fence. The buildings' underground parking is setback at least 1.2 metres from the back of the property.

Langley City's Advisory Design Panel made 25 recommendations about this project, which you can read in their explanatory memo.

The project is also subject to Langley City's Tenant Relocation Policy. You can read more about their relocation work to date in an additional report.

The project is subject to Langley City's one-for-one rental replacement policy. As such, the applicant will provide ten one-bedroom rental units and 11 two-bedroom rental units ranging from 557 sq. ft. to 805 sq. ft.

As the public hearing is now closed, Council cannot, under BC law, receive any further feedback about this proposed rezoning.

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